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Our Smart digital signages revolutionize public transit advertisement

  • Step 1 - Businesses

    Advertisers upload their ads and pay online.

  • Step 2 - Public transit

    Public transit looks at the uploaded ads, making sure everything ok and then approves it.

  • Step 3 - Smart Signage installed in busses

    Digital signages automatically display the ads the moment the bus reaches within several meters of that store

Awesome Features

With our team of innovators we make impossibles possible.

  • No printing needed

    No need to pay a big buck to have your ads printed

  • No upfront planning needed

    It is instant. You want to ad to appear in buses now! no need to plan months ahead

  • Dynamic

    You can change it any time you want

  • Environmentaly friendly

    No trees need to be cut for printing

  • Attractive to tourists

    Attracts more passengers. It is fun riding bus now

  • 24/7 Support

    Anything happens we are there to help no matter where, no matter when!

Team Members

Visibify is an incorporated R&D organization which gained experience in delivering industrial software and wireless solutions to various industries ranging from Auto industry to Advertising, 3D Computer Vision and recently the public transit. We have designed 22 and 24 inch smart signages for public transportation which displays ads and informations to passengers based on the current location of the bus.


Amir Amintabar, PhD


15 years of experience, founded and sold two other companies


Brajendra k. Singh PhD

Cellular data communication specialist


Sahar Jafari

Team lead

Years of experience in software development.

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